My Goals for 2010

I love the first day of a new school year when students return. The buzz in the corridors, the eager anticipation in the first classes for the year  and the knowledge that this year is an important year for each one, makes school a great place to work in. (If only this same atmosphere remained all year.) Students return to school tomorrow, and they will be asked to state their goals for 2010.

Along with them,  I shall reflect on what I wish to achieve educationally in my classroom and beyond. 2010 will be a little different to 2009 as I no longer have junior secondary computer classes. My classes start at years 9 and 10 through to year 12. This will ‘clip my wings’ a little, as I loved the ease and flexibility with which I could experiment with the younger ICT classes, as they were driven by VELS and not by the m0re formal class curriculum outlines for the VCE classes. However, this will test my ability to engage students, improve their learning outcomes and motivate them to succeed by using as much technology as possible.

  1. Continue to make my classes as digital as possible allow my students to research, create, communicate and collaborate, making my classes transparent for students, parents and community involvement.
  2. Network my teaching and learning as much as possible, on a local, state, national and global level, across all levels of education.
  3. Empower my students to become true 21st century global citizens
  4. Encourage students to push beyond their personal comfort zones to achieve the best possible results.
  5. Personalize learning for students as much as possible.
  6. Promote the powerful tools that emerging technologies provide us with to empower students
  7. Share my work where possible at a number of teacher conferences and online PD sessions.

 Some ideas for putting  these goals into practise.

  • commence a series of  weekly online session, using elluminate, as part of the Australia series, to connect educationalists from across all levels of education. The first session is scheduled for Wed Feb 3rd – Getting started
  • My year 11 acounting class will have a virtual student enrolled from Balmoral School ( a 1 1/2 hour drive away). Therefore online work will be used as much as possible and many web2.0 tools experimented with.
  • My accounting class combines both years 11 and 12 students ie two VCE year levels in one class so this will prevent teaching challenges.
  • Work with the CEP, University of Ballarat on the use of virtual teaching rounds with their student teachers in term 4.
  • continue to offer computers@lunch
  • help staff, students and parents with the smooth delivery and rollout of 1:1 netbook program for years 4 to 8 students
  • continue to offer Walk In Walk Wednesdays for staff PD in my own school and support them with the roll out of our Education Department’s rollout of the Intranet.
  • work with Tech Talk Tuesdays or equivalent- an after school session targeted primarily at Victorian teachers.
  • continue to involve years 9/10 ICT and year 11 IT students with the flatclassroom projects and attend the Flat Classroom Conference in Mumbai February, 2010. One of my students will also attend.
  • Be actively involved in global projects where appropriate. The first for the year is an exciting Moon project with a University from Texas with my year 9/10 ICT elective class.
  • Use the online spaces eg blogs, wikis, nings, for communication and reflective purposes where possible.
  • Work with Zainuddin, a teacher from a government school in Malaysia to determine whether we can team teach and work classes together virtually for our year 11 classes either on a topic or several topics.
  • Consolidate classroom relationships with my most important colleagues from overseas.

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