Empowering young voices

Great excitement in the school! An Age photographer is coming to the school to photograph the year 6s and Ms Murnane. This is one of our big Melbourne newspapers!

In 2008, year 6 students of Hawkesdale P12 College studied nuclear disarmament under the guidance of their class teacher, Ms Marg Murnane. Students wrote letters to global leaders and politicians, including the Prime Minister of Australia, about their concerns and the need to abolish nuclear weapons. This was brought to the attention of participants in a recent international conference, in Paris, on Nuclear Disarmament, where student comments were quoted.

Now, back to the Age photographer… The students and school were featured in a cleverly written article over a full page spreadon Tuesday, December 15th, with the heading “The Bomb Squad!” You can follow the link and read all about it. Here is the quote by Bailey from his letter to global leaders:” Dear world leaders,” writes Bailey. ”I’m only 11 and I want to live my life to the full. We need to abolish nuclear weapons for us to be able to do that safely. As a beginning point, we need to get the nuclear weapons off high alert. At least then, there is less likelihood of an accidental bombing. After that, the countries need to get together and discuss abolishing these devastating weapons altogether.

Our local paper, “The Standard” published the same article the next day, Wed, Dec 16th. Below is the presentation on nuclear disarmament, that students made as part of their study last year. It was a featured slideshare on that site as well.


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