The twitterfall requests for my session

Just before my session “Beyond Classroom Walls” at LT2009, Moolooba commenced, I asked my twitter firends who were online to respond to my audience with a hello, to show the potential power of my personal learning network. They came from many different countries, including USA, Thailand and Israel. Some came from conference participants, but the most special of all was that one of my students responded back at school. How precious is that! Below is the twitterfall:-

1.  colwar @murcha Hi Anne, from our session at #lt2009. I met you via Twitter & we finally met f2f at this conference!
2.  ErnieEaster @murcha #LT2009 Hi from New Sweden, Maine, USA. Settled 1870 by Swedish immigrants. Love Twitter & my PLN with all their resources.
3.  skytrystsjoy @murcha Hi Ann, I’m Simon Brown at #LT2009 at Mooloolaba – mostly I’m from Brisbane, Oz
4.  nzchrissy @murcha Hi Anne! from a kiwi teaching in Thailand
5.  zecool #LT2009 @murcha Bonsoir Anne, from New Brunswick Canada, where I just tucked in my daughter for the night. Twitter is my PLN par excellence.
6.  hshawjr @murcha #LT2009 Sidney, Maine, USA it’s going to rain tomorrow

7.  jamescroft @murcha #lt2009 current news? I’m desperate for more news on Google’s Chrome OS. I need a wave-style demo video
8.  digitalfprint @murcha #lt2009. winchester UK. rainy, wet, dark! Marking essays in the warm!
 zecool @murcha Bonsoir Anne, from New Brunswick Canada, where I just tucked in my daughter for the night. Twitter is my PLN par excellence.
 njtechteacher @murcha Hello from drizzly New Jersey. The temperature is actually not too bad for this time of year 57°F/ 14°C – enjoy your session!
9.  susant @murcha Hello participants @ #LT2009, I’m in Israel, time 02:55, temp 13%C looks like some progress made on release of Gilad Shalit
10.  NancyWhite @murcha Hello from downtown Mooloolaba (had online mtg, on my way over!!) #LT2009
11.  hurricanemaine @murcha from western PA. Cool rainy day but inside at a wizard of oz musical at college alma mater. Hello to everyone.
12.  congerjan @murcha Hello from Collegeville, PA. USA (57-raining) watching the Syracuse University/Cal State basketball game from Mad Sq Garden, NYC
13.  azapetersen @murcha G’day Anne and everone at #LT2009. I’m in Melbourne and I’m looking forward to today’s cool change!
14.  tonnet #LT2009 Saying hello to all @murcha’s listeners. Tweeting form the Garden State sometimes and some other for NYC. Glad to meet you all
15.  tomgrissom @murcha hello from Illinois farm country
16.  @murcha from you ITA class at hawkesdale college and the school’s been shut down because of gastro and water contamination
17. melanieh @murcha #LT2009 Hello from mega hot Sydney City. Top news items include the current heatwave and tips to keep cool.
18.  RobinThailand @murcha Hi everyone at #LT2009 from Bangkok, Thailand. Cool morning here – 23C. Latest tech news:
19.  ashleyproud @murcha Hello participatns at #LT2009 You are at the Sunshine Coast aren’t you?


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