Learning Technologies 2009 conference

Alec beams in from Canada

Nancy White - opening speaker

Report on Day One

Where: Beautiful Moolooba, Sunshine Coast Queensland

Venue: Sunshine Coast TAFE

Conference Paricipants: drawn from all levels of education


  • the location – absolutely beautiful Mooloolaba
  • Nancy White with a great keynote address to set the scene
  • the keynote speakersmeeting my wonderful twitter and online friends – there are so many here and it is wonderful to meet them face to face. Some I have known for more than two years. They include @clayburell from Singapore, via Korea,  (whose wedding I attended virtually nearly two years ago), my wonderful elluminate coach and colleague @cmcculloch, catsnpyjamasnz from NZ, @colwar from my own state and many more. Other online friends present (whom I had met before) included @theother66
  • using videoconferencing technology to bring in guest speakers – shows in real time the power of the technology and is purposeful demonstration of the technology.
  • range of practitioner led presentations – practical tips, sharing of approaches, learning outcomes etc


  • the long drive to get to the airport
  • the start of schoolies week in Mooloolaba


  • conference was live blogged with tweet feeds etc
  • Pirate activity to force people to meet each other, use technology and online sites.
  • Liked the time given to the vendors at 15 minute spot sessions as they helped sponsor the session.
  • the uncoference session at the end of the day with Nancy White, Clay Burrell and Liddy. I attended Liddy’s impromptu session on using scratch in the classroom

Clay Burell and Colin Warren

Clay Burell and Colin Warren

catspyjamasnz - a twitter friend

 Demonstrating use of elluminate in classroom

demonstrating the use of elluminate in the classroom


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