School’s in tonight at 9pm

Year 9/10 students who are part of the flat classroom project were offered the opportunity to meet with the class mates from Germany and Beijing. Time zone differences mean that they had to be in their homes on their computers at 9pm. Three students were able to successfullylogin to the elluminate student summit moderated by  Julie Lindsay but one of my keenest students frantically used gtalk with me in an attempt to login. However, Flick kept failing but stayed on gtalk to relay her requests and what she would be able to do for the outsourced video component of the project.

The students were on task, talking to each other, discussing the content of their videos, requesting the video clips that they required and found partners to complete their clips. The chat was quiet initially and then took momentum. Unfortunately, the mics did not work for my students but they text chatted as required.

What an amazing experience! The benefits included the fact that parents could be in the room with my students watching the fantastic classroom exchange. Partnerships with parents are crucial to the success of 21st century education.

By 10:15pm our time, it was off to bed for our students, tea time for the students in Beijing and the start of the school day for the German students. Wow! Listen to the recording!

Teachers in the student summit


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