A treat for Teachers on World Teachers Day

Geraldine Doogue Master of Ceremonies (ABC fame) and me

(With Geraldine Doogue, the Master of Ceremonies, of ABC fame)

 An inspiring couple of days were held in Canberra, as Australia celebrated World Teachers Day. Award winning educationalists – teachers, principals,  SSO staff and schools and communities representatives were brought together for the Australian Excellence in Teaching Awards. This successful event was organized by Teaching Australia.


  • awards ceremony at the magnificent Parliament House on Capital Hill in Canberra

roof top

  • shaking hands with the deputy Prime Minister, Federal Minister for Education, Julia Gillard
  • meeting face to face my twitter friend @kimpericles – It is always special to meet online friends and Kim was no exception. Kim does some amazing work with her class, especially in relation to gaming.

kim and me1


  • discovering that @adrian_camm was there and had won both a highladriany commended teaching award, plus the Minister for Education’s new award – Excellence in ICT
  • meeting and connecting with so many amazing educationalists who are achieving astounding outcomes with students
  • the professional exchange with activities organized by Eric Frangenheim, pushing our use of Thinking Skills
Eric Frangenheim

Eric encouraging us to continue innovation

  • the dinner at the recently opened National Portrait Gallery with guest speaker
portrait gallery

At the National Portrait Gallery

  • the closing presentation by the highly innovative and successful teacher, Andrew Douch
andrew douch

Andrew Douch - MS World Innovative Teacher of the Year


  • plane being 60 mins late taking off in Melbourne due to malfunction

Thank you to Teaching Australia representatives who made our visit memborable and enjoyable. All was superbly organised, we were made to feel special, yet encouraged to further our connections and continue on the innovative work.


2 responses to “A treat for Teachers on World Teachers Day

  1. Congratulations Anne. A very well-deserved award. You were one of the first people whose blogs I followed and I have been inspired by the wonderful activities you do with your students.

  2. Congratulations – a well-deserved award! You do so many amazing things with your students in your classroom – you are definitely a role model for other teachers!

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