Lost in Hong Kong – technology to the rescue!!

Coming home (to our hotel on Hong Kong Island) from a day in Macau and a visit to the night markets in Kowloon, my feet were swollen, sore and bore massive blisters. My husband led the way taking the subway train from Kowloon to the closest sub station to where we were staying. He promised me that it was only a 10 minute walk home as I was ready to catch a taxi! After 25 mins of going around in circles, getting more confused and starting to get anxious, we did call a cab!

This morning, I was fortunate to be taken on a tour of Renaissance International School – a visionary school with fantastic resources and technology (more to be written later). However, I had to be there at 10:00am, so could take no chances in getting lost, as there was a 15 minute walk to the station and a need to change mtr five times to get from Hong Kong Island to the New Territories. So, my good friend Lorraine Leo reminded me to use my mobile phone to take photos of key landmarks or streets. Instead I used my digital camera to take photos of streets to be used, clocks for timing and subway stations to change at. One single ticket got us there. Here is a snapshot of some of the photos that I took.


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