Obama speaks to students, our Premier speaks with students

Obama speaks to students, our premier speaks with students

The Premier online

The Premier online

What a very special day it  was! Year 10 students from 20 Victorian schools all came together in the one virtual classroom (elluminate) with the Premier, John Brumby and the Minister for Education, Bronwyn Pike. The session was entitled “Leading on line with the premier”. The premier discussed with the students, issues they face when using  online technology, the benefits and possible risks  of using the technology, and what they do to minimise risks.

Students in class with the Premier

Students in class with the Premier

Initially discussion centred around the AFL finals – a sure winner with the students. But it soon turned towards more serious discussions on the use of online technology. The chat section of elluminate was soon driven hard by the students. Promotion of safe online use brought forth a variety of answers from education, help from celebrities, tv ads during primetime, facebook, school google etc. Further discussions took place around:-

  •  responsible leadership online,
  • the potentials of a digital world,
  • what are some of the risks,
  • who students would go to for help,
  • what it looks like and feels like to be respectful online and finally
  • what can we do.

This was a very successful summit with students working the chat to its fullest capability, giving their ideas, experiences, thoughts and general responses to comments made, questions raised and opinions when sought.

This is a predecessor for the student summit at the MCG in early October, when students from 20 Victorian schools will discuss the academic, social and wellbeing potential of new technologies and the issues that affect them as citizens of the digital age. Students will have the opportunity to reflect on the role that they  may play in promoting responsible and the ethical use of digital technologies at home and at school.

The key purpose of the summit is to involve students as partners of the DEECD as it continues to develop and refine its policies and practices around the responsible use of digital technologies. This will be made possible through seeking student voice and developing an understanding of their view of a digital world.

A big thank you must go to all those involved with such a monumental occasion. Congratulations to all involved. It shows the power that technology now gives us to allow key stakeholders from the breadth of Victoria, to all be involved in powerful decision making in the one room.

Listen to the elluminate recording


2 responses to “Obama speaks to students, our Premier speaks with students

  1. Amidst the controversy of the Obama talk I think his speech provided far more empowerment than cynicism.

    What a wonderful opportunity the Victoria students had in discussing Web 2.0 technologies with your Premier and the Minister of Education. This is what energized, dynamic learning is all about. Thanks for sharing.

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