As I do not teach in the primary school this year, and as we have been involved in a number of projects, our dedicated blogging class time has been greatly reduced this year. Access to computers is another problem, so much so, that we need to look into a 1:1 laptop school program.

To encourage students to continue blogging, a Blogging@Lunch option was given to students at lunchtime today.

Despite cold, wintry weather over the last few days, we had a lovely sunny day today. Despite the fine weather, a number of students came in to the computer lab, to take advantage of the opportunity. There was a range of age groups represented, from  newbie 8 year olds through to 14 year olds. This was really pleasing. Students checked their comments, responded to these comments or wrote posts. Therefore, the activity will continue on Tuesdays.



One response to “Blogging@Lunch

  1. What a great idea to have this opportunity during lunchtime! I think it is a great skill for kids to learn blogging in this day and age. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and really enjoyed it! I have also just joined the teacher network website called It has been very helpful for me to get resources and connect with other teachers 🙂

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