Street Dancing in Skype

street dancing

street dancing

Malay costumes

Malay costumes

How different it is to see the more mature students of our schools link up together on videoconferencing. The conversations hold greater content and depth. The demonstrations are more complex, realistic and therefore the learning deeper.  Zainuddin and I both teach computer studies to year 11 at the same time on a Thursday.

As it was our first linkup, we decided to simply share cultures in a form of show and tell. But this time, the show and tell took on the form of full demonstrations.

Watching Malaysia we saw:-

  • Demonstrations of their traditional drink (Teh tarik) and how to make it
  • A traditional game and how to actually play it (involved marbles and a wooden playing structure – congkak
  • Their traditional costumes for the Malay and the Chinese cultures, including their evening or ‘best’ dress
  • We were also treated to viewing the various ways of tying sarongs.


Demonstrating from Hawkesdale we:

  • Showed ‘footy’ and how to handball and kick it
  • Demonstrated cricket and how to play it
  • Displayed an aussie meat pie, talked about the contents, showed the addition of sauce
  • Vegemite

 But, it was the grand finale from Malaysia that was the absolute highlight. They treated us to a demonstration of street dancing. We looked on with amazement and wonder as they danced to the music that our students love to listen to and the style of dancing that we would love to learn.


  • Working with a country who learn English and speak it well
  • Watching demonstrations, not just listening to a speaker
  • One of my students who usually ‘hides’ in the corner and refuses to come up and speak over the microphone and skype, actually going way outside his comfort zone and taking part this time.
Street dancing

Street dancing

Learning outcomes

  • Trying to adjust to each other’s accents
  • Manipulating the camera and mic for maximum and effective connection .
  • Experiencing the full value of demonstrations
  • Wishing that we had been more organized with a better display of Australiana as the Malays had put so much time and effort into theirs

Possible future connections

  • Could the Malay students teach mine how to street dance
  • Can we share what we are learning in ICT and use peer to peer mentoring?
  • Could we effectively team teach?
  • Are we both following a similar course outline?

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