Daily quiz

Several changes were noticable on the Thursday bulletin this week. One being the inclusion of both a quiz question and a maths challenge. Seizing the quiz question as an opportunity to see how students use a search engine and as an opportunity to teach. The task follows:-

The question was “After which Viking god was this day named and what was he god of?” Students then gave their answer and had to complete the following on their blog posts.

  • What terms did you use to search for the answer?
  • Which search engine did you use? (Name the search engine hyperlinked to the appropriate website.)
  • Provide an appropriately named link to the actual website where the answer was found.

Learning outcomes for me:-

  • Only one student out of approximately 60 appeared to already know the answer.
  • Students often copied and pasted the whole question into the search window, rather than using key words.
  • Google was used nearly 100% of the time.
  • Some refined their search further but others ploughed through many paragraphs to find the answer.
  • The  sites that they ended up getting their answers from, varied quite a bit.

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