A teacher meets her flatclassroom

Julie and some flatclassroom students
Julie and some flatclassroom students

Another exciting event last week was the visit by Julie Lindsay, the cofounder of the wonderful flatclassroom projects, and her family. How wonderful it was and how honoured we were, that they found time to visit our small rural school and take that long 4 hour drive from Melbourne. The students loved meeting their flatclassroom teacher and one of their flatclassroom class members, Violet, face to face. They spent some time talking and catching up. Violet was able to shadow Hawkesdale College students for several lessons.

It was wonderful for me to be able to also keep up with the new, innovative developments of the flat classroom projects for this year and beyond.



One response to “A teacher meets her flatclassroom

  1. Anne, thank you for your country hospitality in Hawkesdale. I loved meeting your students and talking with them about flat classroom pedagogy. They are so lucky to have a forward thinking teacher like you. I am really looking forward to interacting with you and your students online as we embark on more flat classroom adventures together.

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