Online Quiz generating sites

An email from MargM  (our literacy coordinator) circled our staff requesting potential sites that might be used for generating online quizzes. Here are the responses that she got:-

  •  Class tools  – is a great site for creating free games. Or you can pay for a subscription at Quia to create games that are stored on the site.  It also gives an embed code for use in blogs, wikis etc (from librarian, Faye)
  • Quiz zone    
  • The Millionaire game from this site is highly recommended powerpointgames Tips from Rebecca ” If you go to this site you will find some great templates.  I saved ‘Millionaire’ to my network folder so we are using that rather than the internet to access it all the time.”
  • Try Languages Online  “You can make all sorts of simple games and then download them as zip files do you don’t need to have internet access. Don’t think they are drag and drop activities, but some good ones nonetheless. It says it’s for languages, but it wouldn’t matter what words you put in.”

And finally also from our librarian is:-


4 responses to “Online Quiz generating sites

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