First print in ‘digital footprints’ through time!

A teeny grandchild enters the digital age

A teeny grandchild enters the digital age

A little granddaughter – Ella Jane has been born. As I look at her, I cannot help but wonder what education will be like for her when she starts school and how different will it be, by the time she completes school. What careers will be there for her to choose from. Will she ensure that she is ‘googled well’!

Here is her first print on that digital footprint journey!


2 responses to “First print in ‘digital footprints’ through time!

  1. Congratulations on your new grandchild! I don’t have any – yet – but am adamant that any baby in our family will be grounded in books and computers, love the outdoors, be well-spoken and at ease in any company. I’m sure you have your own dreams for sweet little Ella Jane. May she have a long, happy, productive life!

  2. This is a wonderful post. Congratulations. With two recently married daughters one never knows what might happen. I like how blogging provides the opportunity to mix the professional, the social, and personal elements. Posts like this add to a blogger’s voice and character. Best wishes.

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