Converting xtranormal and animoto to movie format

As part of the digiteen project, one of my year 10 girls, bubbliibananas,  produced an xtranmormal movie on appropriate code of conduct in online chat. She was asked to embed it into the digiteen wiki which worked well as xtranormal gives embed code but now she wants to add it as a movie the ning.

My ever reliable twitter network was asked how we can convert xtranormal into mpg or other movie formats, but when tweeting I made an error and asked about converting animoto to movie format. So, here are the responses for both online tools, allowing them to be made into movies.

xtranormal and animoto   conversion

Bill GenereuxWhitebillgx@murcha Cam Studio can capture everything on your screen & export to AVI or SWF. Not sure if it does MPG or WMV. h

gardenglenWhitegardenglen@murcha you can upload video to YouTube and then use to convert to .mpg or .wmv Premium account may be required to upload to YouTube

Clare RaffertyWhitecraff2008@murcha handbrake will convert any video but its mac

animoto conversion

 Alec CourosWhitecourosa@murcha from the animoto site – PM Jun 16th
adrian_cammWhiteadrian_cammIcon_lock@murcha use Super to convert –…
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