A Grand Jam Session for Ping

Before the jam session

Before the jam session

So much happened at the end of term, that I am only just catching up on all my posts now. In early June, we held our grand finale for Ping –  a massive ‘hands-on’ concert with all the students involved from Casterton High School, Casterton PS, Heywood and District College and Hawkesdale P12 College.

Unforgettable moments – the online world meets f2f

  1. As we entered the assembly hall, I told students to go outside and get some fresh air while we waited for the other schools to come. I felt a tug on my shoulder, and one of my boys asked me “Is that Ajax?” (Ajax had moderated and led many of the online Ping sessions)
  2. As Ajax played back some of the most interesting musical stories, he got to Camko’s and after playing it, he asked “Who is Camko?”
Some of the student body

Some of the student body


Sheldon, a capable conductor led 3 Melbourne Symphony Orchestra instrumentalists and the 60 odd students attending in a grand musical production. As we started to settle and await instructions, I thought that this is just not going to work. 60 excited students from years 6 and 7 were all talking and sections were not listening very attentively to group instructions. The first exercise was a warm up where stretches were undertaken and then rhythms of words practised.

To my initial dismay, students were gradually asked to seat themselves at instruments that had been carefully laid out on the floor. The majority of students had not learnt an instrument andtheir only exposure to composing had come throught the Ping project. However, I underestimated the talents of Sheldon. Within minutes, he had those students ‘in the palm of his hands’. They listened intently and actually played a fabulous piece based on word jingles set to short sentences. Shiles suggested they needed a  segment on a space theme and so, in it went

Listening to instructions

Listening to instructions

 How great it all sounded! It was recorded and can be heard here.  The home economics centre prepared a wonderful fingerfood lunch. This was a gesture of thanks to our students for being involved in the project.

Sheldon leading the jam session

Sheldon leading the jam session


One response to “A Grand Jam Session for Ping

  1. Hi Anne,
    have just caught up with some of your news – the music finale sounds wonderful. I am wondering if the preschools involved in the CEP might be a good point of contact for me in my meanderings through digital possibilities. Maybe they have some interesting things to say or report – do they have a network? On another unrelated point – I am trying to find a program that I can use like Photostory to make an ebook but also be able to print it off to make a hard copy book for the children to read. Maybe Photostory has that facility to print but I can’t find it. I like Photostory for its ease of adding text, music and commentary, and I know a bit about how to use it….

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