Student peer to peer mentoring!


Teaching blogging - one to one

Teaching blogging - one to one

On Friday June 5th, 23 year 7 students travelled to Portland, as the result of a grant to take part in peer to peer mentoring. The day had been organized by Britt Gow and we thank her for her the hard work that she put in, in doing so. The students who have been with us in primary school at Hawkesdale P12 College have been blogging on their individual student blogs, for nearly 16 months now. As such, they were amongst the first students to blog, as individuals in the state of Victoria.

Each student from Hawkesdale was paired with a grade 5 or 6 student from Portland.  Three lessons were spent with them. Some students did not have an email address, so that was the first task to be undertaken. Next they applied for a globalstudent blog, a campus of edublogs, run by DEECD. All went smoothly and only two students did not get their activation email for registration before lunch.

Portland North Primary school treated the students, by giving them morning tea and a drink. Another 30 minute break was taken to share class blogs between the two schools – grade 6 Portland North and grade 6 Hawkesdale P12 and to demonstrate some Hawkesdale p12 student blogs. Otherwise all students worked conscientiously, effectively and efficiently together. By the end of the three sessions, the Portland students had some great looking blogs.

Some feedback

  • “I learnt a lot today”  (from a Hawkesdale P12 College student)
  • All students said that they enjoyed the day
  • My students said “It was much better than expected”

Students as mentors is a very effective mechanism as

  • students tutor and  explain in their own language,
  • having one on one was an extremely effective learning activity – a rare luxury in the normal classroom
  • students know what they like to have on their blogs
  • it gives increased confidence and a maturity for those mentoring
  • it gives a chance to share knowledge
  • enables higher order thinking skills when working in small groups.

From Tammy’s and my point of view, the students of all ability levels, worked together intently to achieve outcomes far beyond what we expected them to achieve. They far exceeded our expectations. and we were so proud of the way that they all worked together.

Next week we go to Camperdown to repeat the exercise with their grades 5 and 6 students.

Peer to peer mentoring

Peer to peer mentoring

Year 7 from my school, Hawkesdale P12 College, put together this presentation in order to teach students at two other neighbouring rural schools (1 hour’s bus drive away) how to blog effectively and safely. It is amazing what students can achieve, without help from their teachers.

Click on <a href=”″>this link </a>to slideshare to view their presentation.

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Working intently on blogging

Working intently on blogging


One response to “Student peer to peer mentoring!

  1. sounds like a great program, I love peer mentor activities, it really brings out some fantastic conversations and can generate memories that will last a lifetime!

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