Peer to Peer Mentoring with Portland

Today 28 year 7 students accompany me and Tammy, to Portland as part of a peer to peer mentoring project. Hawkesdale p12 students will teach the grade 6 students at Portland how to get started with  individual student blogs. This will include cyber safety and appropriate digital citizenship.Keeping in mind my post on What I need to teach students in order to blog, and as there are three sessions, we will try to cover the following:-

  1. Cybersafey and introduction showing  the pre-prepared presentation by year 7s.
  2. How to register for a blog at globalstudent
  3. Writing the first post, including tags and categories
  4. Adding an ‘about me’ page with the following headings

About Me

  • Name:
  • Grade:
  • Country:
  • Best Holiday:
  • Birth Month:
  • Career Goals:
  • Favourite Band(s)/singer(s):
  • Favourite snack food:
  • Favourite Food/meal/soft drink
  • Favourite Subject:
  • Favourite Sport/hobby
  • Pets:
  • Family members:

If time permits:- insert a clustr map/feedjit map widget,  insert image and add a blogroll


2 responses to “Peer to Peer Mentoring with Portland

  1. I notice Herky, I think, has already done some great mentoring with his partner – blog running, clustrmap on blog, avatar organized and an about me page, including many details you have mentioned.

    Three lessons might not be needed with these keen students …lol

    • Hi @Sue (Miss W), the Portland North teacher has a great class blog going. Now the students each have their own blog so it will be exciting to see what eventuates.

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