Day 2 Regional Innovative Teachers Conference

My Thai colleague demonstrates multipoint

My Thai colleague demonstrates multipoint

The impact of a global world is leading to some concerns re the challenges posed by identity and multiculturalis. As such on day two all participants were divided into four colours. Each colour had a group of four or five. So, I was in green G2. Our topic was to look at indigenous shelter systems, others looked at religions, environmental protection and the impact of rapid city development.

Within our groups, we looked at our strengths and allocated tasks accordingly. As I was the only English speaking (as a first language) person, I volunteered to take notes. Another took charge of the video camera, several others took photos and once back those who were good at MS Powerpoint, put together the framework for our project, another the digital video editing, another the image essay using MS Photostory etc

Our first destination as a whole conference group was to visit the National Museum to learn about the cultural heritage, that is Malaysia’s. Then our group went to the heritage centre to take a guided tour of  Rumah Penghulu, a former headman’s house that had been shifted to Kuala Lumpur. It typified the Malaysian heritage style. The house was close to being the near perfect design for the climate, locality etc as experienced in Malaysia. Then, we moved into the colonial heritage building to be given a fascinating talk on Sentung – the beautiful gold metallic silk/cotton hand woven materials.

Buses then took us on to the KL Tower, where we took the lifts up to the top floor to have lunch in the magnificent revolving restaurant, where the stunning views kept us captivated. The buffet lunch has to be seen to be believed. The full array of Malaysian foods were on offer, including the Chinese and Indian cuisines.


Particpants in the Conference

Particpants in the Conference


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