Going viral!

At times, I would hear both Vicki Davis mention that it becomes ‘viral’ after awhile. I wondered what she really meant by that, but as I watch my students over the last few weeks, I understand completely what that word means.

This year, I am determined to incoporate web2.0 tools into my VCE classes. As the year 11 accounting students were studying budgeting, I thought this may be the ideal opportunity to introduce google sheets and the chat function within it. So, students were paired or placed in a group of 3. They were not allowed to sit near each other and had to register for a gmail account. Then with just the use of the chat function in google sheet they were to work together and draw up a budget for a trip to schoolies week at the Gold Coast, at the end of the year.  They were given either $1500 to $3000 (each group was given a different amount) as their personal savings. The word budget was not mentioned at all. They then had to work out what it would cost and show the proposed costings on the sheet.

Students had to quickly learn how to use formulas and they worked the chat really well and learnt how to work collaboratively on the sheet. When they had finished, they added some images, manipulated headings etc and added colour. To finish the exercise they wrote up a report in MS Word. This was a valuable exercise and students could see the potential for such collaborative work in other subjects or from home. That was Wednesday last week.

On Monday, I had my year 12 Information Technology Applications students and when I entered the room, they were busy working on google sheets and docs. The virus was spreading. Today, the year 10s were at it and so it goes….. My older students set up an igoogle page, and they have placed some amazing widgets on there. Each morning, I hear what the Aussie dollar is doing, the weather and far, far more.


7 responses to “Going viral!

  1. From my view point Anne you are one of the most inspirational educators using Web 2.0 in Australia (and I tell people this).

    Why? Because you are getting in, doing it to such a large extent and making that change (as you say viral) happen. I’m sure there is no other educator in Australia involved in as many global projects as you but if you know otherwise please feel free to let me know.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    • Sue, thank you so much for these compliments. Sometimes I think that I am just crazy and then I see what marvellous learning outcomes it can provide for the students and we pioneer on. The journey is just beginning.

  2. Great work, Anne. You are just wonderful and doing a GREAT job! This is EXACTLY what I’ve seen happen too! It spreads between classes like the flu, but in a good way.

    • Vicki, thank you for responding. I often heard you talk about ‘viral’ when we were in online meetings and wasnt sure what you meant bur now I know. The virus spreads across the other staff and the school now and beyond into the cybersphere. Thank you for allowing me to work with you.

  3. Thankyou, Anne, for your ideas and inspiration. You’re doing it in senior years when others are saying that it can’t be done because of the pressures of senior curriculum.

  4. Anne, you definitely aren’t crazy. The work you are doing is totally inspiring. Being involved in just one of the projects you engage in can be tiring yet you recognise the value which is why you do what you do.

  5. Great work Anne! The year 11 students (both in Biology and Environmental Science) have been using Google docs spreadsheets as well. I’d much rather be ‘catching ‘ web 2.0 than ‘swine flu’ ! Without your hard work, none of the great ICT work happening in the school would be possible.

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