SuperclubsPLUS ROCKS!

SuperclubsPLUS site

SuperclubsPLUS site

Students from grades 4 to 6 have all been busy registering for this great social networking site in the last week. It is wonderful to walk into the room and see excitement, students teaching students, the sharing of what they have learnt and how they did it. Students love to customize their pages, and the first few lessons were spent adding colours, images, text and polls.

Already, after four days, one student had their account suspended as someone else had used their username and password to send emails. All teachers were notified, including the principal. So, here was a teachable moment, that students do not share their passwords. Students were spoken to.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Education is sponsoring all Victorian students in years 3 and 4, and students involved in the netbook program, to join superclubsPLUS, online software developed by IntuitiveMedia. It is a safe educational site with a teacher on duty at all opening times. Students learn how to learn, study and behave appropriately online from an early age, in a safe educational environment. 

Students can upload media, publish articles, build personalised web pages, run their own clubs, complete projects, join discussion forums, chat with friends, achieve their ICT ‘Star Awards’, and participate in ‘Hot Seats’. One of the first awards to aim for is the cyber safety award.  On Thursday, April 30th, a female Qantas airline pilot will be online and availabe to talk to the students. Teachers can also achieve “Star Awards”. There is a teacher howto  section.

Here are the steps for registration. If you are in another state or country, goto superclubsPLUS and follow instructions. A fee is payable annually for each student enrolled.

If in Victoria, goto the Education Channel page  and follow instructions. An email will be sent out with several attachments – a proforma letter for permission to join, to be sent home to parents and a spreadsheet, for data entryt of student and teacher names. This requires birth dates of students as well.  Once parental permission has been given the spreadsheet is emailed back to SuperclubsPLUS and a phone call is made to the school, to ensure that it is indeed a school and that those students exist.

Usernames and passwords are then received and students  can commence. 

  • Students logon.
  • Give students 10 minutes to explore and see what they can discover about the site.  
  • Who’s On shows the teachers, students who are on and the staff member on duty.
  • Staff and Student who are new to the site, should check out “who’s on”  after changing the “my stuff” page. You can see who is online, click on their links and see their pages to get ideas of what can be achieved.
  • Goto “My Stuff”  to  change their password and add an avatar.
  • Goto “My Tools” where students can customize their own page.
  • “How to Link” helps develop confidence in using the site.

This video demonstrates the excitement and interest that superclubsPLUS can generate.

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