Getting e-ready and excited!!

Checking out the stage and big screen for the awards

Checking out the stage and big screen for the awards

Having never been one to really want to experiment with virtual worlds, I did undertake Quest Atlantis training. This is a virtual world for grades 3 to 6. Unfortunately, I do not teach the primary year levels this year, so I will not have  a chance to use this training.

Imagine my surprise when Vicki Davis announced that the netgened awards were to be held on reaction grid in opensim. Not to be left out, and having been away for a few days, I quickly logged on and set up the software and got myself an avatar. To my horror, when my avatar appeared in the world, I had donned every possible piece of clothing – trousers, socks, skirt, jacket, shirt, gloves, the lot!!! That really showed that I was a newbie! So, I quickly disposed of the trousers, gloves and other extras to give a more professional look.

This morning, I practised going to the area where the awards are to be held. To my delight, Steve Madsen, one of the leading teachers for the project, came in soon after me. Next, coolcatteacher, Vicki Davis, offered to meet us there, and we were soon teleported to the correct area. Coolcatteacher looked absolutely stunning and had been robed by the costume  department (Lucky I had got rid of my trousers and other ‘daggy’ outfits). Vicki walked us through the procedures and showed us the stage and the big screen. Talk about exciting!!!

Unfortunately, my students have deb ball training tonight and others have scouts and due to the late hour of the presentations may not be able to attend. However, I cannot wait to participate. This is a world first and so many people have been working overtime to ensure that it all works.  Thank you and congratulations to all involved, especially Vicki Davis, Julie Lindsay and Don Tapscott.

Some photos of our practise run have been inserted into this post.

More information on using opensim by Vicki’s students.

Learning the finer points of virtual life from coolcatteacher

Learning the finer points of virtual life from coolcatteacher


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