A Proud Day!

Mr Myer and me, with a framed certificate of the award.

Mr Myer and me, with a framed certificate of the award.

Several weeks ago, I attended the annual general meeting of the Country Education Project Victoria (CEP). A new scholarship kindly sponsored by Bailleu Myer was offered this year, for the first time,  for Rural Education Leadership. The three finalists were invited to the meeting to await the announcement of the winner. I was so proud to be named the winning recipient. Unfortunately, Mr Myer had to leave the meeting immediately for another appointment, so a photo shoot had to be organized for a later date.

So this morning, I caught the train to Melbourne and met Phil Brown from CEP, who kindly drove me to the home and offices of Mr Bailleu Myer. Mr Myer was a very kind host, showing us true country hospitatlity giving us a cup of tea, a slice of home made lemon hedgehog and who sat and talked to us for nearly an hour. He is very passionate about a fair and equal education for all Australians, especially for the country students and our indigeneous counterparts who live in the outback or who live a good distance from major towns. He questioned us as to our approaches in attempting to solve these problems and an interesting discussion eventuated.

I loved hearing about his mother who owned the Queenscliff hotel. When in the early 1900’s, the telephone was introduced, his mother could see no need for a telephone as she had servants, the post, transport of kind etc. However, when she died she had one of the largest of telephone bills. Mr Myer could see no need for computers until recently and now he has five. A truly wonderful, fascinating gentleman.

After our photo shoot, he wanted to know how I would use the generous amount of money. It is to be used for personal development. I would love to continue to make Asian connections as their time zone is so close to ours and we can work together in synchronous timing. As I have seen so many powerful learning outcomes stemming from the flatclassroom project, I really want to attend the mini conference in February next year, in Mumbai. My interest, is to continue working on synchronous and asynchronous means of connecting with other classes, working towards a virtual classroom and incorporating the best tools for learning in the digital age. The goal is to then share it particularly with my fellow country counterparts to enable country students to get the best possible education.

 I wish to sincerely thank the generousity of Mr Bailleu Myer in providing this scholarship and the Country Education Project for their role in its provision.


6 responses to “A Proud Day!

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  3. Well done Anne. Very well deserved after all of your hard work. Spend it well!

  4. Congratulations Anne. You should be very proud of all you have achieved. You are a great role model and inspiration to others.

  5. Anne, can you hear me hoot’n and holler’n all the way from California?! I echo jennylu’s and Pam T’s thoughts and hope your local fans realize that your influence in powerful use of technology in teaching spreads across nations:-)

  6. Wow Anne, just catching up on some blog reading and so excited to hear of your achievement. Well deserved and you are an inspiration to all educators.

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