Connections with a capital C

Working in discoverE

Working in discoverE

Over the last 18 months of this e-journey, I have been so fortunate in making some wonderful connections. One really valuable e-colleague of mine is Lorraine Leo, who has some amazing connections.

My classes have benefited so much. One of my aims this year is to try and give students the chance to work ‘one on one’ with students across the globe, or at least in small groups. It was also one of Lorraine’s, so on Monday, one of our grade 6 students logged onto discoverE virtual classroom software to join two students from China, one from Bangkok, Thailand and one from Boston, USA. This small group met with Lorraine and Geoff an optician. Geoff spoke to the students about the eye, using a presentation in the discoverE room. The whiteboard allowed sketches to be added. When questions were asked,  students responded via the chat. How fortunate are we, in a small country school to be able to connect to experts like this.

DiscoverE loads quickly at our school as it has been developed to operate over a slower broadband network. By pressing the CTRL key, a particpant can talk to the class with a video of their image, projected onto the monitor.

Read simmo’s post on this activity. 21st century education certainly has exciting prospects!

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