Alternative excuse to “the dog ate my homework”

How many excuses can students come up with for not completing homework?

  •  I lost it
  • I forgot
  • My computer failed
  • I had to work
  • I wasn’t here yesterday
  • I went into town last night, and stayed at a friend’s house so I wasnt home
  • The dog ate my homework
  • I never do homework or I am too cool for homework
  • I dont know how to do it

My year 11 students have participated in the amazing netgened project organised by coolcatteacher and julielindsay.  The final outcome involved the creation of a digital movie. Strict deadlines were set for completion. As the date approached, many of us had the following genuine excuses for student work not being able to be uploaded on time.

  • the ning just hung as we tried to ‘quick add’ video
  • the wiki is not working at all and we have our technician working around the clock…

but this is the amazing reality of working in a global classroom –

I’m so very proud that my students ALL managed to finish a video and upload it. (Except for three that are stranded out of town by the volcano eruption). ” Eri from Cordova High School, Alaska on the recent volcanic eruption of Mt Redoubt.

It has provided a valuable teachable moment for my students who have commented on the Cordova HS students’ pages, to find out more about the effects and impact of the volcano’s eruption.

What excuses have you had for non-completion of homework?

"The dog ate my homework" mosaic

"The dog ate my homework" mosaic



5 responses to “Alternative excuse to “the dog ate my homework”

  1. It’s hard to beat the volcano one, that’s for sure.
    I’ve heard the “I guess my software is not compatible with yours” before.

  2. Anne, I had to laugh, the volcano ‘excuse’ from Erin has to be top of the list of non-tech related excuses in my experience.

  3. To me, “I couldn’t turn it in because the volcano erupted” is THE single best excuse I’ve ever heard. We were not in school this week, but my students are going to be asking a lot of questions of those students next week. Looking forward to editing the wikis now.

  4. Gee, I emailed it to you. Didn’t you get it?

    All four of us did our work for the project, but all our printers weren’t working so we couldn’t print it out. Isn’t that just an amazing coincidence?

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