Where to in 2009?

As we enter the third month of 2009 and the sixth week back at school, it is time that I publish my goals and possible directions for 2009. Although I have thought long about them, I need to add them on to my blog, so that I can reflect back and evaluate my progress.

My goals for 2009

  • Constantly develop and encourage the integration and successful use of  emerging technologies for use in classrooms and across our school.
  • To continue to actively seek local and global connections and work on global projects wherever possible. (Project based learning)
  • Maintain the valuable links and connections that were made in 2008.
  • To foster the notion that students  use their blogs in all subjects.  Blogs will become journals of  progess, for reflective purposes, a personal filing cabinet for all resources, evidence for digital or e-portfolios and that students voluntarily use their blogs.
  • Integrate web2.0 tools as much as possible in my subject areas other than information and communications technology eg accounting and VCE IT subjects.
  • Increasingly use teachable moments, by leaving skype open on my laptop, whenever possible, to make the most of experts who might appear and share experiences with my students.
  • Experiment with the use a backchannel for class discussions etc eg chatzy, tiny chat
  • Look at using virtual classroom software for my own classes eg elluminate for my VCE students where  I teach two year levels as  one class in 2009.  
  • Use DiscoverE  software on an increasing basis this year.
  • Actively seek out expert speakers who might talk to the students through virtual classroom software.
  • Look at and experiment with students on a one to one basis, with other global students – particularly in relation to mandarin Chinese which is our LOTE.
  • Work with my subject associations, encouraging the use of appropriate web2.0 tools.
  • Experiment with synchronous and asynchronous linkups with other countries.

Other educationalist’s goals of interest

See glassbleed’s direction for customized learning.

Specific Ideas as they come to hand

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