Victoria – where it all happens ‘naturally’!

Friday night is shopping night. It is also an opportunity to call upon my mother-in- law and check upon her status  and wellbeing.  However, being tired from a busy week at school, we decided to come home early after getting our groceries.

This gave me a chance to logon to twitter and see if any interesting snippets of information were being divulged.  (I have neglected twitter of late). A tweet by Clare @craff2008 caught my eye, saying she had experienced earth tremours, amounting to an earthquake. So,  I immediately responded.

Continuing on I read the preceeding pages only to find most of my online Melbourne twitter friends had experienced an earthquake. This was approximately 9:05pm. By 9:30pm, the radio 774 had broadcast the event  and by 10:30pm pm the TV had a section on it. However, well before the broadcasts, my twitter friends had informed me of all sorts of information :-

  •  who had experienced it, where and how!
  • the size of the earthquake
  • The tweet updates to @774melbourne came from everywhere.
  • The location of the epicentre in Gippsland on google earth, tagged with a  pin.
@mrpbps Retweeting @774melbourne: Google Maps approx epicenter of Melbourne earthquake + USGS on 4.7 quake 
The fact that the Herald Sun published an online article within 30 mins (but did not publish anything on it the next day)

ldumicich Herald Sun has article on earthquake

 My good friend Julie Lindsay,  from Victoria, now teaching in Qatar but presenting in Londonat a conference,  was following it all from London.

@julielindsay Reading tweets from people in Melbourne, Oz….are you OK after earth tremor

Soon, a tweet appeared informing us of a volcano erutpion in Indonesia and next my friend @Durff told us of an earthquake in Greenland of 6.6 in severity. Within a month, Victoria has experienced bushfires, galeforce winds, financial difficulties and an earthquake. It was time for me to go to bed!!

Some profound tweets came through re the power of twitter and social networking and they speak for themselves:-

suz01wow, earthquake or something in melbourne strongest Ive ever felt..
suz01still feeling tremors

elearningnews They earth just moved for me! Earthquakes in Melbourne?

michele_berner earth tremor quite strong – south east suburbs

mysterbey Bushfires, earthquakes, what next? Krakens?

SueJ1@taniasheko Yes, tremor went through here too .. 25+ tweets from Melbournites in twitter search. 🙂

bookjewel Looking for news on earthquake/tremor in Melbourne

pamelaj Yes Tania. I’m in Upwey and was talking to my brother in Croyden and he felt it too

   suz01 just shook my glassware up, no danger at all. funny though, they are so rare here I didnt even think of moving into a doorway….

bookjewel I’ve experienced a few and that was the worst yet! My whole house shook for what seemed like ages 

helenotway Yes the earth did move…. I thought it was my dog under the bed! My girls thought it was dodgy building works at home!

ldmicich Man that was a bit scary earth tremor     

hbailie@taniasheko Did you notice the earth tremor? I didn’t!

  Lilylauren 3AW saying power is out in a few suburbs

edubeacon The central heating hasn’t exploded – it was an earth tremour. Quite strong

fatticus 96 km (59 miles) SE (137°) from Melbourne, Australia — USGS #melbourneearthquake

ldumicichRT @abcnews Volcano erupts in Indonesia: Interesting!

mrpbpsRetweeting @774melbourne: Google Maps approx epicenter of Melbourne earthquake + USGS on 4.7 quake

geekscape(uɐɥıuʎoɯʞɹɐɯ@ ɹoɟ ʇdǝɔxǝ) ǝuop ǝƃɐɯɐp ou ‘xɐlǝɹ #mebourneearthquake12 minutes ago from web

taniasheko@hbailie yes, I was sitting on the couch and I was moving a little for about 5 or 6 seconds. The bookshelf behind me was creaking.

hbailie@taniasheko Neither of us noticed a thing here. My couch must have good suspension!

taniasheko10.27 pm first time channel 7 reported Melbourne earthquake!

says Thanks to @rgesthuizen for seizmic image of last night’s earthquake




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