My day/week in a sentence… in 3 words is released!

dayinsentenceiconLoved all the “three word” sentences – there is such a great variety. Check them out as three words will not take long to read.  A big welcome to anyone who is new to ‘Day in a Sentence”, an initiative of Kevin’s. I spent three full days, wracking my brains for a three word sentence as I thought this theme was a little different, so I find it amazing that so many of you came up with your three words so quickly. So 1, 2, 3…..words for day in a sentence. A pleasurable week Let’s start with our absentee host,   Kevin who is in Japan visiting family and from whom we would have excused a paragraph full of words! …

Vacation almost over.                   (see my Haiku Postcards from Japan at my blog, for more details on what I have been up to these days while on vacation outside of Tokyo)

The demands of teaching

Beyond teaching

The joys of teaching

  • Amy ….   Big dinosaur project
  • Brenda M Using student excitement.
  • MBarrow ….   Tired but happy!
  • Gail P ….   New classroom carpet
  • Cchausis ….   Always something new!

Valentine’s Day is still in the air..

  • Sara ….   Cuddles with hubby

A week to be grateful

Home life and its demands

Jan S ….    Up. Laundry. Down

Someone else lives on a farm!!

Mary M Babies,  babies, calves!

In three words…..Thank you everyone!

Finally, thanks Bonnie for your assistance and allowing me to co-host with you.

Back to you Kevin and look forward to reading about your day/week, next week!


2 responses to “My day/week in a sentence… in 3 words is released!

  1. A very good article, well written

  2. Great job, partner,
    Wonderful co-hosting with you and probably now that Kevin is back home you can send the new emails on to him.
    Hope we can share of our trusted role, again, soon, I LOVED the 3 words..

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