My favourite web2.0 tools for 2008

My favourite web2.0 tools 2008

My favourite web2.0 tools 2008

This time last year, I drew up a list of favourite web2.0 tools. It has been interesting to draw up my list for 2008 and compare. (They are not in any order)

2008 2007
1. Blogs using wordpress and globalteacher/student 1. Delicious social bookmarking
2. Skype for videoconferencing/chat 2. Bubblus a mind mapping tool
3. twitter – to extend my personal learning network 3. blogs using wordpress  
4, Voicethread – fantastic educational potential 4. Wikis using wikispaces
5. slideshare – uploading ppt presentations 5. Google docs  sheet, word
6. Igoogle (customizable homepage with google reader, calendar, notes, todo, gchat (, gmail) 6. Skype videoconferencing
7. Google docs (sheet, word, form etc) 7. Voki  talking avatars
8. Delicious (social bookmarking) 8. Podomatic  online storage for podcasts
9. Gchat (google chat, now with video) 9. Teachertube
10. flickr (online photo storage) 10.Surveymonkey for online surveys
12, wikis  
14. Elluminate live – online meeting room/virtual classroom  
15. wordle – word clouds  
16. nings – social networking  
17. Coveritlive for live blogging  
18. Audacity for podcasting  
19. Toondo – cartoon making  
20.DiscoverE – virtual classroom software  

It can be noted that:-

  1. I have double the number of favourite web.20 tools 12 months later
  2. Twitter is now on my list and has been such a valuable tool for PLNs
  3. Although I still use bubblus, vokis and podomatic they are not used as frequently. Survey monkey has been largely replaced by google forms
  4. Voicethread, slideshare and wordle are increasingly being used.
  5. My students have used the vast majority of these tools as well.

What were your favourite web2.0 tools and how have they changed over the year?


9 responses to “My favourite web2.0 tools for 2008

  1. I keep a diary of web sites that I find so I can record the username and password that I use. I am up to 36 pages now, single sided, with an index in the back so I can find the one I need. They are not in alphabetical order, of course, they are in the order I entered them, hence the index. This is the best way I have of tracking what tools I have found this year since I don’t have a handy table year by year like you do here. I do know that it was about March 1 that I started my own Ning site and got 35 of my local tech teachers to join practically overnight by sending out email invites to my regular readership of the listserv I used to have. It was also about that time while attending the CUE conference in Palm Spring, CA, that Mark Wagner introduced me to Twitter as well as WordPress and the importance of blogging. The rest has been pure fun signing up and learning to use various Web 2.0 tools. Here’s a sampling of my list:
    Oops, you know what. My little blue book I left at school. Will continue this list when I get it…

  2. Hi Anne, a great list. For me it all started with globalteacher 6 months ago. Now it feels like information overload sometimes but I have learn’t so much. Twitter is my number one. It has become an integral part of my PLN. Have you seen

  3. This is a great list and shows a lot of exploration. I love that you note that you are bringing these to your students, as well.

  4. OK. I found my diary. I realize that you were right about some of the sites just being ones that I investigated and didn’t come back to and others turned out to be quite handy. Here are some I have been using:
    Rember The Milk
    Second Life
    My Studiyo
    Flock and Chrome for browsers
    and everything Google
    Google Docs
    Google reader
    and Google Earth pro free academic license

  5. Hi Anne. Really interesting to see the tools you still use and the ones you have added in 2008. Most of the tools I have used with my students I didn’t even know existed in 2007 & have been brought to my attention largely via twitter and blogs.

  6. @alanlutz thank you for sharing your list of web2.o tools. Some I do not know, and am about to go and try some. What is google earth pro free aadmeic license and why would you choose this over the ordinary google earth?
    @pamthompson, I am the same as you, many I had not heard of at the beginning of 2008 but have since become firm favourites. Twitter, ning memberships and blogs have helped me out a lot as well. I wonder what we will use in 2009?

  7. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for the list. When I tick off the ones that I used last year I come out somewhere in the middle. I will be using more of these with students this year rather than just for myself.

    The 31 day Blog Challenge has been interesting for me. I realise just how much there is to learn out there.

    Regards, Bill Oldham

  8. I was interested to read these top 10 tools by another author so will drop the link in here so that I do not forget it source

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