Just been caught by a big phish!

I am yet to write  a post on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly as part of my reflections for 2008. However, I am going to write about the UGLY in this post. As life has been so busy over the past month, my time on twitter has been extremely limited. Imagine my surprise and then horror when I started to get a lot of DMs (direct messages) with the craziest of messages – the first being “Hey, look at this blog with your photo on it” When the link was clicked, it took me to the twitter login where I consequently entered my user name and password. I was then back in twitter!  Strange and so I tried again.

To my absolute horror many more DMs came along and fortunately some good ones, informing me that I was part of a phishing scheme and should change my password immediately. However, it was 12 hours later, that I realised the impact and changed it and many of my twitter friends had by this time got bogus DMs from me. All seems resolved but tweets have been coming in all day, telling others that they are now part of the scheme and to change their password.

Whoever, set up the scam, has chosen a target that can get ‘phished’ very easily as twitter is such a popular PLN.

Twitter have set up a blog post to inform their members on what to do and below are some of the DMs.



2 responses to “Just been caught by a big phish!

  1. Anne, you should not click on links. By clicking on a link you can be redirected anywhere, even to a fake site. This is what happened to you. Read the url that comes in your browser window to know if this is where you expected to go.

    You should write or copy and paste the url in your browser. This will always take you to the real site url .

    Note that this real site can also redirect you to anywhere else, It is usual that big real sites redirect you. Nothing wrong. For several reasons Redirections are useful (except from scam sites)

    I never click on email and Twitter links. I always copy and paste them on my browser window.

    I hope that this explanation helps you

    • Thank you @emapey for this sound advice. There is so much to learn about being online and having a safe presence there.

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