7 things you dont need to know about me!!

 I’ve been tagged for this meme! This particular one was started by Angela Maiers. However, D Rezac  Tony Searl  Pam Thompson and Sujokat have tagged me.  to tell you seven super things about myself that you don’t need to know and then pass this on to seven more super blogger/ educators. If it all gets too boring, just move along to the others.

  1. I hate pasties: My earliest recollection is of me being imprisoned in my high chair (at age 2 or 3) until I finished eating my home made pastie for tea. I have never eaten one since.  
  2. I don’t get mobile phone service where I live or teach. So, I feel jilted and so untech that I cannot do all the other super things that my colleagues can with their phones.
  3. My eyebrow starts to twitch when I am tired.  So I quickly retire before it all gets too embarrassing or if that is impossible start to giggle compulsively.
  4. I had a reputation as a typing teacher (on the old manual typewriters) but never learnt to type. Being a commerce graduate, it was assumed that I could teach typing but I had no idea how to type. I had to quickly teach myself, but drew the line at teaching shorthand. Ironically this has taken me into the wonderful world of teaching computers.
  5. I pretend to enjoy watching the footy and cricket: My family all love sport but I sit there quietly and pretend to be actively involved.
  6.  I hate hearing my voice on a recording and actively dislike public speaking, having my photo taken and talking to a video camera. I have had to work on this in my pursuit of educational use of web2.0 tools.
  7. I hate rounding up the cattle on the farm. Although I am married to a farmer, I hate working with our cattle as they scare me. When the cows have just calved they charge my motor bike and head butt hard and fast. However, I love working with the sheep. My nightmares are always about a roaring bull charging me whilst I attempt to flee through the fence.

 So, now I need to tag seven more folks. Well, I choose….

  1. samcoy   Look forward to reading all the things that I dont need to know about you.

4 responses to “7 things you dont need to know about me!!

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  2. Thanks for being a sport. I didn’t know you were on a farm (I feel better about not having an iPhone, though).

    Thanks for sharing, and I’ll be taking a look at your tagees.


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  4. Anne, I did it. Thanks for not giving up on me. I enjoyed participating in the 7 Things You Don’t Need to Know About Me meme and reading your post also.

    You always make life seem so interesting, no matter what it is you are doing.

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