Proud and honoured!

I would like to sincerely thank Sue Waters for nominating me for the edublogs 2008 awards for “Best teacher blog”. This nomination is made even more special because Sue has been a great mentor to me and offered advice and guidance through out this year. When I first met Sue, it was on twitter, a web2.0 tool where I was feeling very lonely. Sue took me under her wing and connected me to so many valuable educational contacts.
If you would like to vote for my blog which maps my journey with my wonderful students at school, I would be honoured. However, for me, the real honour is actually being nominated. Thank you Sue. My journey is just beginning!


5 responses to “Proud and honoured!

  1. Congratulations Anne!
    You’ve got my vote! Your blog has sent me off in new, fascinating directions.
    This little bird is now going to have to take another long look at Twitter.

  2. No problem Anne at all. You are doing some amazing work and I’m pleased to tell people to visit your blog.

    Best of luck. How did you Skype go?

  3. @Sue Waters, our skype linkup with the school in Russia started poorly as, although the video linkup was good, the sound varied badly and we had difficulty understanding them. However, they could hear us so we perservered. We produced a blue tongue lizard, bearded dragon and baby cockatiel and they performed traditional dances in traditional costumes, folk art, matrioshka dolls, a teenage guitarist. The sound quality improved over time and we then had a very successful linkup. So it was quite amazing! Soon the students started to ask each other questions and we showed each other our currencies and discussed their worth etc. Student directed learning took over.

  4. That is soooo cool – both groups of students must have really enjoyed it and glad it was successful eventually.

  5. Anne, congratulations! I’ll certainly be voting for you! You have been an inspiration and lovely friend on my journey for new learning. I watch in awe at the steps you keep taking and although many paces behind, you have given me the confidence to aspire to some of the great achievements you keep making! Well done!

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