A day in the life of a 6th grader – cross continents

What an exciting day we had today! There were three proposed linkups for videoconferencing and virtual classroom work.

This post will cover the first linkup in the virtual  discoverE classroom with Lorraine Leo and three of her grade 6 students from Jackson School, Newton, MA. These  plucky young students were in their homes linking with us via microphone and web cams and their teacher. We had set up a shared powerpoint presentation with photos relating to our schools and work. Lorraine set it up and called it a day in the life of a 6th grader.

The slides shared covered the following topics:-

  • our location
  • our school
  • our classroom
  • our subjects
  • our specials
  • school calendar

Students took it in turns to speak to the photographs. Our students also tried to demonstrate some of their subjects with a show and tell type activity using the web cam. They showed some of the science equipment, sports equipment and maths items used.

Over the time, the confidence in student speaking improved and they relaxed starting to ask each other questions on a more informal basis. The chat area was not used as most of the parties involved were intent on listening to the presenters. What a great taste of virtual classrooms and 21st century education. Thank you to Lorraine and her students.


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