Virtual supper anyone!

Our virtual supper music

Our virtual supper music

We were guests to supper. There were at least seven menu options, complete with dinner music and a dance show. A jovial atmosphere and comraderie added to the event. However, for us in Australia, it was really too early as it was 11:30am our time. Supper was with the students from collaborationnation in the USA. They came back to their school in out of hours time, to share with us examples of their supper (which we would call tea or dinner in Australia). There was broccoli, steak, pumpkin cheese cake (leftovers from Thanksgiving) etc

Turns were then taken to share a virtual gift with each other. From the USA came ice hockey boots, baseball, softball, reindeer toy, scout badge, coin collectionand a US one dollar note. We had a wonderful demonstration of guitar playing and dancing from two US students. From Australia, came a toy koala, a footy, a netball, vegemite, scout shirt, $20 note etc. Skype was the software used for videoconferencing as it is so user friendly – a live blog was the backup option. A basic desktop microphone, web camera and the library interactive whiteboard were used.  My students have nagged me for more ever since!

A virtual gift - a toy reindeer from the USA

 A virtual gift toy reindeer, indicative that Christmas is coming soon.


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