Daily Archives: December 3, 2008

Flatclassroomproject teacher summit

After weeks of wonderful connections, collaboration, communication and interaction, our flatclassroomproject is drawing to a close. This is the most exciting project that I have been involved in so far and by far the steepest learning curve. It has been wonderful to work with my 5 female student volunteers and with Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis, the two co-ordinators of the project. These two women are amazing in their knowledge, application and co-ordination of the project. My students have experienced 21st century education at its pioneering edge.

The 2008 Flat Classroom Project Teacher’s Summit is to be held on Wednesday, December 3 from 3 pm – 4 pm EST in elluminate.  At this time, the Flat Classroom 2008 teachers will share their reflections on this year’s flat classroom project and field questions from those who are present.

We have room for up to 100 participants.  If you wish to join in, please click on this Elluminate link at the time of the session.  To view the hardware and software pre-requisites for Elluminate Live! please visit www.elluminate.com/support

Approximately 1 hour after the session, the recording will be available online.



Wednesday 3rd Dec

Present:- WS, GP, BG, JMcC, AM

Topics: blogging, approving comments, writing posts, digital moviemaking

Wednesday 21st November

Present: BG, AM

Topic: wikis and nings