Back to the Past – a trip of Nostalgia

Madigans tea rooms
Madigans tea rooms

This morning, I had to go to Penshurst to deliver some wedding flowers. While I waited, I decided to venture into Madigans, a beautiful old bluestone building, to order a cup of tea. Jazz music from the roaring twenties greeted me as I entered the tea rooms and antique shop.

Although the morning was cool, I had my cup of tea and fruit scone seated at the table and chairs outside. My view was of Mt Rouse and the tea rooms were of bluestone construction, quarried nearby. It was as I read the date of construction, 1857, and looked at my view, that I became quite nostalgic, as this is where the journey with generation Y actually began!!

The old store in Penshurst

18 months ago, a rich picture case studies grant enabled me to work with grade 6 students to produce podcasts about our local volcanic region. Our first outing was to visit the Volcano Discovery Centre at Penshurst and take a guided tour into the old quarries and up to the top of Mt Rouse. I can still hear Mt Rouse exploding on many of the students’ podcasts as they cast their audios, sound effects and photos on various topics relating to Mt Rouse. As grant criteria required us to use web2.0 tools, we also commenced a backyard blog, which led to a teacher and individual student blogs.

The memories have haunted me all day. Who ever would have dreamed how far this journey has taken us.



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