Netbooks for students



Through a series of grants and funding, Hawkesdale P12 College has purchased a set of 16 acer aspire ones, 1gb ram, 120gb rom for mobile use by staf and students. The increasing use of web2.0 tools and technological access has placed huge demand on our computer lab and pod. At any one time there could be a combination of students from up to 4 classes in the computer lab, when space is available. Staff try to get timetabled into the computer room, but is is not always possible.  Netbooks are available for borrowing either as a class set or on an individual basis, through out library. A trolley on wheels allows the small computers to be taken to the classroom and then returned. Windows XP is loaded onto them, they are wireless networked and enable students to access their student network. I have personally found that my battery lasts approx 4 hours. Moviemaker runs well on them.

The students love to use them and you can read some of the comments from grade 4 and 5 students as to why they think they should have one each. See a movie of them at work by clicking on the link below:-


Leckyloo grade 4

This is why i think we should have mini ACER laptops……….

some times it’s hard to get a computer when i really need one.

They are small and easy to carry.grace-on-netbook1

you can play maths games at home to get better at times tables.

you can write posts on your blog at home if you don’t have a computer. 

if you have a story or project that you need to finish you can take it home.

your mum and dad can see your blog and work that you are doing.

these are my reasons whey we should have mini ACER laptops

benny grade 4

It will help us if we are sick and we will do stuff at home in bed in stead of nothing.

If the lab and the pod are full we can do it in class at writing time.

That’s why we want a laptop.trevor-and-jayden2


Adzy grade 5

  1. They are small and easy to carry around
  2. helping people to blog and search the internet
  3. fun to learn and play with
  4. easy to type on
  5. you can do school work on them at home



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