Talk It Tuesday

The opening slide on elluminate for this Tuesday’s Talk it Tuesday, displayed a circle of differing types of chairs. Participants chose a chair as they came online, then typed their name and location on the chair. (Great idea and worked well). This way they get to know people, had a conversation topic (what do they think about their chair or other object etc), plus they get used to using some of the whiteboard tools.
Next, participants wrote on a blank whiteboard potential discussion topics for the meeting.
Discussions centred around:-
1. Using elluminate for student interaction and collaboration.
DELTA have used it for student workgroups – collaborative student sessions in preparation for student presentations.
Use of voice chat and whiteboard preloads for students in language classes – students in pairs and record practice dialogues e.g. Spanish grammar
Concerns were raised about the cost of using elluminate with students. Licenses are as follows:- only 3 in a V room, 10 in a Lite room, 20 + in an Academic or Enterprise room. Training can be completed through knowledgebank.
2. Using Second Life in education. Concerns about losing the ‘walled garden’ safety aspect. SL is being used in TAFE with success. They create their own walled garden  and take students on a guided  tour.  (GIPPS TAFE)

3. Quest Atlantis, a virtual world for younger children and SuperclubsPLUS, an online social networking site  were then discussed. Both are free at present. email or see their website.

4. Suz Arnott talked about getting teaching staff to use web2.0 tools  5. the new Social E-learning site and 43 steps.


One response to “Talk It Tuesday

  1. it was a great way to start the session… how cool to be tagged :)I hope what I was talking about made sense…
    there was so much I think we all wanted to learn, I hope I can get to the next session…
    and thank you for tagging me:)

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