Superclubs PLUS

At the recent ACEC 2008 conference, I attended a session by Dr Jennifer Masters, on the Superclubs PLUS, as my grade 6 students had just been enrolled on this site.
SuperclubsPLUS is a social networking site online that offers children

  • A classroom without walls
  • Confidence and competence with technologies
  • Social construction of knowledge
  • Social networking expertise
  • Wider networking potential

Supervision is present on SuperclubsPLUS

  • Provide a secure environment for children o participate
  • Clearly outline safe practices and appropriate behavior
  • Monitor interactions, mediate discussion and publication
  • Use opportunities to reinforce safe practices an d strategies for dealing with situations.
  • Children in program are 6-12 and can      
  • Meet other  children and chat via email
  • Build their own web space
  • Participate in forums and expert ‘hot seats’
  • Engage with literacy and learn ICT Skills
  • A supported experience
  • All superclubsPLUS children are authenticated by their school.
  • One or more trained mediators are on duty in the environment.
  • Ten rules provide a code of conduct for children, teachers and mediators live hours are 8am to 8pm, on weekends 3 hrs in morning and 3 hours in evening.

The children learn through practicing, playing and doing. They are able to relax, explore new concepts, develop new skills and even make mistakes within a safe learning space. Our students look forward to being involved in this site. 

If you are a teacher in Victoria, Australia, of grade four students, they are being sponsored by the DEECD to join this club. See details.



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