Digital Pedagogy

In Victoria, Australia, our school follows the model of PoLT, Policies of Learning and Teaching. Curriculum bodies in each state in Australia and New Zealand have developted different sets of principles on what they believe is the essence of effective learning and teaching. My work with blogging, virtual classrooms, global projects and the use of other web2.0 tools in classroom use, can therefore be justified pedagogically by the following:-

As a teacher, I would like for my students

  • to become confident, independent and self motivated
  • take appropriate risks but learn from their experiences
  • be safe from predators and other dangers
  • enjoy learning about other cultures
  • reflect an appreciation of different ways
  • take responsibility for their learning
  • encourage and support others
  • experience a range of learning activities

As a teacher, I will

  • use strategies that are flexible and responsive to the learning and thinking styles. needs, values and interests of individual learners.
  • capitalise on student’s experience of a technology rich world.
  • develop attitudes, knowledge, skills and processes which enable learners to contribute to and react to change within the community.

I would like to provide experiences that

  • encourage and support learners to take responsibility for their learning
  • reflect an appreciation of different view, opinions, values and beliefs
  • morivate learners and promote enjoyment, achievement and satisfaction from learning
  • reflect an appreciation of different ways and rates of learning
  • use the school and wider community as contexts for learning

Foster classroom environments that:

  • promote independence, interdependence and self motivation
  • value effort, provide achievable but challenging epectations, build self-esteem and encourage learners to become responsible and independent
  • provide opportunities for learners to take appropriate risks and learn from feedback

3 responses to “Digital Pedagogy

  1. Anne,

    I’m catching up this morning on reading some of my favorite bloggers (after a very hectic start of the school year). In reading through your recent e-journey posts, I’m struck by your efforts to share the many ways you are rolling out Web 2.0 to your faculty and parents too.

    I like your adaptation of the PoLT standards, and already know that your students are benefiting in many ways as they develop multiple literacies and an awareness of digital citizenship.

    One of my goals this year is to focus on effective use of Web 2.0 tools to strengthen students’ writing skills. My question is what needs to be in place for students in order for blogging, for instance, to really support the learning process. I hope to make this question visible to teachers who are bringing their students into the blogosphere.

    I already know that you will be one of my guides:-)

  2. Wow Anne, your journey is so interesting and I love following it, seeing what you are doing. I am miles behind you, but watching what you are doing is an inspiration and I’m so excited that my classes have started blogging! Thanks for your continual support.

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