Talk It Tuesdays – Inaugural event

Tuesday, 14th October – the first day trialling an informal get together of educationalists – sharing, learning, connecting and communicating.

After a brief introduction, the following discussions took place:-

  • blocking of websites in schools
  • cyber safety for students (Harriet led a really interesting discussion here.)
  • netiquette and appropriate behaviour for online professional development eg ellluminate sessions (possibility of setting up and presenting appropiate guidelines at the beginning of a session)
  • appropriate use of and possible options for backchannels or chat
  • Jess McCulloch spoke about some of the mobile technology projects that she is trialling whilst in NanJing in China.
  • Quick discussion of superpluskids (social networking site for primary students, new stats feature of edublogs and globalstudent blogs, wordle, blog action day and k12 Online Conference
  • Upcoming knowledge bank online events

Evaluation of the session and suggested use of breakout sessions to concentrate on learning web2.0 tools completed the event.

2 responses to “Talk It Tuesdays – Inaugural event

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  2. I hadn’t heard of the Knowledge Bank series of online seminars — that is really cool and a great idea for educators. Did you end up with many participants?

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