Coffee, Blogs, Parents and Community

An interested group of parents and community members attended our first information session in the library. They represented both primary and secondary year levels throughout the school and included an interested grandmother who ‘wants to keep up to date’ for the sake of her grandchild.

After an introduction, Faye Matters, our librarian introduced our school page explaining and exploring the links, pages and widgets.  Marg Murnane, the Middle Years Co-odinator then ‘walked’ the group through the grade 6 class blogs, showing the pages including the homework page,  posts, global projects,and voicethreads etc To complete the session, I outlined the flatclassrooms project and ‘blogging across the cultures’ project which the year 9/10 students are working on.

It proved to be very rewarding, especially after the recent article “Crossing the digital divide” in “The Education Age” this week. Concerns on safety issues were voiced and great interest shown in the student work. The coffee mornings will continue and perhaps be rotated at different times and days to allow others to attend. It was interesting to note that flickr was a tool that they were keen to learn.

Quote for the day from a grade 2 parent “This is their world!”.


3 responses to “Coffee, Blogs, Parents and Community

  1. Looks nice. I wonder if you use flickr, how you attribute Creative commons in your photos.

    What’s your process, because I’ve heard a few different ways to do this.

    Daniel Rezac

  2. Everything can be done over a cup of coffee.
    Keep drinking and meeting and you will reach your goal

    Boake Moore

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