It all started with an idea of Jess McCulloch and was fully supported by me, that we apply for professional leave to research “Laying the eplanks in a web2.0 school”. That idea has taken us on a rather incredulous journey, whereby our staff after taking ‘baby steps’ are embracing the use of web2.0 tools wholeheartedly. One of the reasons for this success was our “Walk In Walk Out Wednesdays”, where staff can come into the computer lab for an hour after school and seek advice for any computer related issues. Staff from neighbouring schools have also taken up this option. However, they ‘Drive In Drive Out’!

Now look where those planks have led us………………… “Talk It Tuesdays” with Knowledge Bank, hosted by Tamara Carpenter.

Talk-It Tuesdays are informal online gatherings for educators interested in using social media, or Web 2.0 tools, in their work. These collaborative sessions take place every second Tuesday and will focus on:

• Sharing stories of what we are experimenting with and learning about
• Teaching each other about what we’re finding useful and exciting
• Listening to each other’s experiences
• Connecting people, tools and ideas
• Helping each other sort out problems and get started

Everyone is welcome, the format will be open, respectful and flexible, and there is no prerequisite knowledge for attending. You can drop-in for part or all of the session. You are equally welcome if you are the greatest Web 2.0 Whizz ever, or just trying to find out ‘What it’s all about.’ The sessions will be loosely facilitated by Anne Mirtschin, Jess McCulloch and Tamara Carpenter.

The first session is Tuesday 14 October at 3.30pm

Register your interest at Knowledge Bank.

It is hoped that Jess can make it today all the way from Nanjing, China (riding her eplank, of course!)


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