The Vendee Globe Project

I had a staff meeting this morning – but one with a difference.

Chairperson: Vincent Mespoulet  from France and creator of Schools Beyond the Walls

Topic of discussion: The Vendee Gobe Project

Time: 7am Australian EST,Friday, Thursday evening for others.

Present: 8 educationalists from France, Lithuania, Portugal, Sth America, USA and Australia

Location: Elluminate room (link to be advised)


1.How to manage the group ?
2. How to use the network to introduce our schools between them ?
3. Les outils du web 2.0 que l’on utilisera / Which tools and how to use web 2.0 tools for this project ? (voicethreads, videos, vokis…)

It still never ceases to amaze me how the world is becoming flatter, and that I can now meet with staff all over the world, despite time zone problems and the our students will be able to work with students of similar ages with students on many continents.

The Vendee Globe Project commences in November and it is hoped that interested teachers and students can connect with schools across the globe in this exciting endeavour. Those who follow this project will broaden their knowledge of global issues affecting us all and in particular:-

  • oceanology and the fragility of oceans
  • global warming
  • interact with the sailors whilst on board the yachts, learning about life at sea

2 responses to “The Vendee Globe Project

  1. Hi Anne, Thank you for the screenshots of our preparatory meeting. You can watch the recorded session inside our Elluminate Archives Sessions (only for members of School Beyond the Walls) – Enjoy but don’t export the https link (strict contract with Elluminate…)

  2. Hi Anne,

    This looks so exciting. I’ll be watching with interest!

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