About us – the all important class page

As Sue Waters, editor of “The Edublogger has asked for feedback on what educators think should be visible on an “About Me” page, I decided to write a post about it and ask my students to comment back on the post (when they return to school).

It is a reminder to me that I tidy up my own class page as well. Students love visitors and an authentic audience.  When I look at the stats for my personal blog, the “about me” page is the third most ‘hit’ page/post. Hence, it is a widely looked at section of a blog and critical for potential

  • connections,
  • communication,
  • collaboration and
  • encouraging return visitors.

Suggested content of the “about me/us page”  (bearing in mind school, district or country privacy restrictions and that our audience is intended for a global one.)

  • What country, state and city you are from?
  • Rural/city type school
  • The class year level (if school permissions allow)
  • The size of the class, stats regarding school etc
  • A photo of the classroom (with/without students)
  • Special interests eg podcasting, digital storytelling, moviemaking, connecting and communicating with others.
  • Blogging history
  • Any global projects participating in
  • A contact email for teacher
  • A short movie or other multimedia presentation on class activites, outcomes, the school, classroom

One response to “About us – the all important class page

  1. Murcha,
    You are so right! The “About Me” is my second largest number of hit page. I think I will have to tidy up some.



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