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Learn2.0008 – a true web2.0 conference

The gateway welcoming us to the conference

The gateway welcoming us to the conference

Over the next few weeks I want to write a few posts on my experiences at the Learn2.008 conference in Shanghai, held on Sep 18th -20th. I liked the way it was all managed, so here are my observations of their full use of technology

Evidenced by:-
• A ning set up for all communication and connecting. Registration was done via the ning and conference fees paid online. Each conference attendee has their own page, enabling them to blog, add images or videos Allows those who were unable to attend, to access notes etc.
• Paperless conference, no carry bags etc Pertinent information was transferred to a usb 2g memory stick. (if internet went down) This was attached to the name badges. See image below.

Al info stored here

• All attendees had a laptop with 15-20 computer geeks ensuring we were all wireless connected. These geeks were 14-15 year olds, identifiable by their red polo shirts
• Session notes were typed on laptops and attendees were encouraged to add these as a reply to the appropriate speaker sessions on the ning. (Great idea and a rich resource for all)
• Ideas for unconference sessions were added as tweets via twitter and geeks kept their eye on requests and organised rooms
• Live screens in the foyer, kept us up to date with changes, current sessions and possible unconference sessions
• Live streaming of many of the sessions for those who could not attend.
• Unfortunate ill health made it impossible for Shery Nussbaum-Beach to attend in person, the conference, but she still ran her sessions via videoconferencing from the USA.
• Loved how David Warlick embraces all the technology and has live links to twitter (via tags) and to his wiki. Many of his resources are filed in a filing cabinet in his office on second life, so second lifers can access his notes from there.
• Presence of powerpacks and powerboards for recharging laptops in the theatre and in all classrooms used.