Using wordle in the classroom

On Friday, Jess McCulloch and I presented at the E-learning conference at Geelong. Our 40 minute session was entitled “Where to start with web2.0” 40 mins is not long enough to really accomplish anything so we

  • started with a brief overview of some of the web2.0 tools that we use.
  • each participant to commenced a delicious account and
  • completed a word cloud, using wordle on the keynote conference session

Below are some ideas for using wordle in the classroom and then how to actually use it.

Instructions on using wordle are as follows, or click on this link to view it in slideshare.

  1. Goto
  2. Click on create
  3. Key in an appropriate number of words to form the word cloud.
  4. Key words can be enlarged by just repeat typing the word. (Does not have to be consecutive)
  5. To keep two words linked in the wordle, use the tilda key between the words eg word~cloud
  6. When complete, hit “go” button
  7. Java will convert the words into a cloud. Press randomize until you are happy with the effect, or manually change the colours and font style.
  8. If you press save, the next screen will give an embed code for online use in eg blogs, wikis, but this tends to be quite small, so it is better to get a screen shot and convert to an image file
  9. Press prt scr or print screen key on keyboard
  10. On pc’s, goto MS Paint>edit>paste and the wordle appears
  11. Using the cropping tool, select the wordcloud>right click and copy or goto edit>copy>goto file>new>do not save changes>edit>paste.
  12. Save as a jpg file ready for use in MS Word, or Powerpoint or other software types.

 How to make wordle safe in the classroom

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: wordle word)

3 responses to “Using wordle in the classroom

  1. just had a great week using wordle in the classroom. we are preparing an oral presentation about a hero – to convince the class that our chosen hero belongs in the ‘class hall of heroes’. we are using wordle to make a poster that shows the characteristics of our hero – such as bravery, patience, kindness, persistence, etc. the 9-10 year old students will be referring to their wordle during their oral presentation this week. they were highly motivated and enjoyed getting to know how to save their wordle as a pdf file.

  2. I enjoyed the post made quite a bit later by @nrwatkins or soul cradler. It is found at and has some really good uses as well.

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