E-Learning conference in Geelong

On Friday, Sept 5th, the Geelong section of the Barwon SW region, held a one day conference with Andrew Douch as the keynote speaker. Andrew, ICT & Innovations leader at Wanganui, 2007 Microsoft Victorian  Innovative Teacher of the Year, 2008 Microsoft Australian Innovative Teacher of the Year, 2008 Victorian Education Excellence Award for Curriculum Innovation, spoke about the amazing impact that podcasting has had his classes and teaching practic. Andrew’s biology podcasts attract 3000 subscriptions each, through iTunes.

Jess and I presented two sessions on “where to start with web2.0”. After lunch, I was fortunate enough to sit on two great sessions:-

1. Gail Casey “Using blogs, nings, twitter and smart art” (To see her presentation, click on the link from her wiki)

2. Lucy Sgro from Barwon Valley School on “ICT to support student learning” reflecting on the amazing work, using mLearning with special education students.

Some sites I want to use from the presentations:


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