I’m going Portugese!!! Well my post is…

Isn’t this amazing! My post has now gone Portugese, thanks to @Inpi Here is a snippet of what it looks like, but you will have to read Ines post for the rest (in Portugese)!!!

O Poder dos Blogs

Este artigo concentra-se no uso dos blogs, a tecnologia digital que eu mais gosto de usarl. A nossa escola determina o seguinte:

  • A página principal do blog da escola,  home blog page com hiperligações para a equipa de educadores,  blogs de diferentes disciplinas e blogs de turmas.
  • Blogs de Turma – desde o pré-escolar até ao nono ano……

Having trouble with the translation, then check the  post in English


2 responses to “I’m going Portugese!!! Well my post is…

  1. Thanks, Murcha!
    I have been honored to translate you.
    Your post will be great as an exemple of the wide variety of possible activities that blogging with students enable, with the respective benefits both academic and pedagogic.
    Hopefully students parents will be relieved and enthousiastic about the new horizon their children are about to unveil.
    Trough translation we keep in the spirit of web2.0, where collaboration and sharing remain prior values, thus enabling beginners to take “on line-life lessons” from veterans and accelerate their own development.

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