Techno Work Experience- let’s web2.0 it!

Student:- “I knew what my workplace looked like before I even got to Melbourne, therefore I knew where to get off the bus”

Staff member – “How did you know that?”

Students “I had checked it out on googlestreet!” and so the use of web2.0 is infiltrating our school programs.

Each year, I am fortunate enough to go to Melbourne with our year 11 students for a few days of their 2 weeks of work experience. I love the excitement, the nervousness, the constant questioning or the first few days and then watching them develop into confident young people that they turn into, once they can find their way around the challenges of Melbourne.

We stay at the Oasis YHA in Chapman Street, Nth Melbourne, where there were two internet access terminals. As I had taken down my brand new laptop, Graeme and I decided to try out some of the technology to record this wonderful program. It also gave the careers advisor time to ‘play’ with some of the technology.

  • The flip video camera was used to record the students attitudes priort to and after their first day of work.
  • The students helped me install bluetooth on my laptop and phone, to enable photos taken on my phone be downloaded. (no mean feat!!) Worked well once we got it going.
  • Decided to use my phone as a recorder for podcasting to capture the excitement, reflections and duties of their first day of work.
  • Each day, students would use my laptop to type in 30 words to describe their day at work as soon as they got home.
  • These were then posted onto my blog and Graeme’s.
  • Developed several powerpoint presentations and uploaded them using slideshare.
  • will produce some podcasts and digital movies to upload online.

An example of a powerpoint presentation produced is featured below…What do staff do all day?

What Do Staff Do All Day

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.

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